ThunderRidgeRanch- Galice Oregon 

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We raise all around family protection dogs. These are short stock plush coasts with tan & black or red & black traditional coloring.

Our dogs are medium to large built, with minimal hind end slope. They have been PennHip Xray for hip dysplasia potential.

These shepherds are raised on non-grain and raw foods--run the ranch with the family and are very protective. We do not socially train them at dog parks, living in a rural setting, we prefer them not to get too friendly with strangers. Our male Django, though, is very friendly as he came to us during a serious fire season and met many firemen while they  camped here  to save our ranch in July of 2018.  

We do not have show dogs here. They have no points of their own, although they do have solid pedigrees available for view or research.  The are family friendly, farm/ranch active dogs with minimal slope if any to  hind ends.  We manage their weight, activity and non-grain nutrition to minimize any risk for dysplasia that large dog breeds can be prone to and aggravated by.

puppies sold will have been vaccinated and wormed at least twice .  AKC litter certification and full AKC application for registration will accompany each pup when paid for in full and going home.  Non refundable down payments  accepted when choosing your pup.